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We love supporting our clients and building brands. We'll be your brand’s biggest advocate while driving more sales to your business and generate increased revenue.

We know it’s hard to find an agency that you can trust and cares deeply about helping you grow your business. We know because we have been there, we have walked in your shoes. And we are here to change that experience for business owners and marketing managers alike.

We are here to be your strategic partner for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Email Marketing Strategies.

Facebook Ads & Email Sales Funnels
Can Be Complicated

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Why Work With Us


Brand Focused and
Performance Driven

Our promises to you…

We will never compromise brand integrity for short-term wins.

We will always keep our clients revenue goals and operational constraints at the core of our strategy.

We believe creating a deep connection and building trust is the vital foundation for long-term small business growth.

We plan for the future and create impact today. Our client’s goals drive every decision.

The Results Matter


Return on ad spend

Our clients have seen incredible results that build massive awareness and positively impact their bottom line. By providing end to end strategic consulting beyond our media buying framework, we can significantly increase the impact of your paid media and advertising dollars.



hours saved per week 

Email automation does more than nurture your sales process, it saves you and your team time so you can focus on amazing customer service and your business. 


$1M +

directly earned from Facebook ads

Our Facebook & Instagram ads, Email Marketing and Consulting consistently increase client sales and customer lifetime value. 


Our Services

Need the whole kit & caboodle? We got that...

Have a killer funnel but need high level Facebook ads Management? Thats our jam.

Got a crack marketing team that just needs a little guidance? Check!

Just need a run down on where to go next... We're here for you.


The Whole Kit (and the Caboodle too...)

Custom Quoted

We'll take you from start to ongoing kick- @#$ ads management. We'll design your program specifically for you and your needs to get your marketing game on point. From building out your evergreen sales funnels, on boarding, abandon cart, high level sequencing and monthly ROI focused ad management, we can consult and build from end to end. 

Facebook Ads Management

Monthly Retainer and Performance Based Models Available

Ads management with your goals at the core of every campaign with performance as the metric. Whether you are focused on ecommerce sales, qualified leads or brand recognition. We create real results based on your needs. 

Strategic email marketing

 Project Fee and Ongoing Retainers

Our technology savvy team will build out the back end functionality while our expert copy writers will develop sales focused, engaging, automated drip emails that will captivate your audience. From evergreen lead magnets to abandon cart sequencing and on boarding, our team has your brand in mind with your end goal in focus. 

FAcebook Ads & Sales Funnel Training

$3000 for 10 week training intensive

So you have an incredible internal team and you know you could rock this Facebook ad game? Then this is the solution for you. We will take you week by week with personalized training on what your team needs. From sales funnels to full Facebook ads strategy plus follow up emails for road blocks. 


Building Brands…

Brands & Companies We have Proudly supported


We Are Ready.

Are you?

Jaime Harmon O'Connor

Founder - Strategy Nerd - (M)AD Scientist

If there is one thing I want in this world, it's to see the people in my life (friends, family, clients, dogs...) thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Its what drives me and why I care about performance based results. 

After years of working as the client with agencies, I have experienced the range of them... The good, the bad, the ones with to many clients, the ones who sold us on their skills yet had none... And I was over it.

I was done relying on others and their lack of strategy, so I dug in.

I learned from the best and innovated on ideas that were working and learned from strategies that failed.

I went from agencies telling me that impressions, reach and engagements were the only areas they could guarantee performance to getting 3 to 5 times return on ad spend on my own. I knew they were wrong and I was on to something.

As someone who has over 12 years on the client side, I know the type of performance that should be expected. And it’s time to change the lip service Marketing Managers and Directors get without results. 

And now I want to help you. Let’s grow your business together. 


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

-Maya Angelou


 3x ROI in 1 month

Jaime was amazing to work with! I had been searching for an e-commerce Facebook ads manager for months before Jaime came on... She made life so easy. She created ads that were beautiful, on brand and had great copy. 

She was also able to give me a 3.15x ROI with her carefully targeted campaigns. I'm so used to getting only 2x, so this improvement was huge for the business! 

- Mei Pak, Tiny Hands Jewelry